backyard beekeeping just got easier: check out williams-sonoma’s new kit

As if we needed further evidence that beekeeping is chic, look what we found tucked into the new Williams-Sonoma catalog: Among the overpriced cookie mixes and highly specialized kitchen gadgets is an all-in-one starter beekeeping kit. Doesn’t it look gorgeous! All you need is a credit card, a plot of land (or rooftop!) where beekeeping is allowed and you’re in the honey business. It comes with three, eight-frame behive boxes, beekeepers gear and clothing, a smoker, hive tools — everything you need. Except of course, bees. What’s nice about this hive is that it is stained wood with a copper-colored aluminum peaked roof. It’s a lot prettier than most out-of the box beekeeping kits. But is that aesthetic choice worth the $500 price? We got our gear (and bees!) from, where a similar kit is only about $300.

To learn more about about our previous adventures in beekeeping see this post.

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The all-in-one chic kit only proves that backyard beekeeping is becoming fashionable. I wonder if the bees are too – same with furniture design where it will be profit and fashion all in one.

I don’t know how other readers see this, but for my is too expensive…

Hah, who knew bee-keeping was getting trendy :)

This is a good thing for bee populations though – there have been many die-offs, and the more bee-friendly homes the better!

So funny to see mention of BetterBee – it’s about 20 min from my house and I’ve known 2 people who worked there filling orders.