new obsession: lobster rope doormats from maine

As we were traveling around the little towns of Mt. Desert Island, Maine, we kept seeing colorful rope doormats for sale. Made from recycled rope that lobster fishing men previously used to pull their traps in and out of the Atlantic, this durable material will weather just about any storm. There are two great sources for you to visit if you’d like to add one of these lovelies to your doorstep. The first is on the Coxpound shop on Etsy, where the mats are $50 each (+ shipping). They have a gorgeous selection of colors and are working with the Bottom Line Rope Project to get their recycled ropes. Another fabulous made in Maine site is the Maine Float Rope Company, where creator Penny Johnson shows off her colorful wares. Doormats range between $50 and $70.

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These are great doormats; pretty, durable (they don’t rot), rope reused keeps material out of landfills and from harming marine life, and (at least mine was) made in the USA!


Can you tell me where you found the lobster rope doormat that is in this picture ?

Angela M.

HI Marie. These mats are usually one of kind or small series, so it’s hard to find ones that are exactly alike. This new source,, has some lovely pastel ones that are similar.

Good luck!