yay or nay: framed shopping bags

I’m not sure if I love or loathe framed luxury shopping bags.

On the one hand, it is sort of slightly snooty and glorifying consumerism. But on the other hand, I love the graphic elements of some luxe brand logos (the pumpkin-bright orange color and horse-and-carriage logo of Hermes is a favorite).  Also, is this type of brand loyalty isn’t really all that different from having your favorite band or movie poster on your wall? After all, fashion is art.

What do you think, Shelterrific readers? Do you love or loathe framed shopping bags?

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Love it in the right place- in a closet it’s cute, but in the living room it’s definitely tacky.


Maybe a small one like the Burberry..maybe, but really don’t find anything appealing about the large ones with the handles and I can see wrinkles and bumps in the paper. I’d have to say loathe!


I’m a big fan of hanging things other than typical “art” on the walls. I just purchased a box of postcards that are really oversized Pantone color chips (I’m a graphic designer, so this relates to my livelihood) to make a wall hanging. That said — I like this idea, but not the bag choices or execution. The bags chosen aren’t visually compelling, and the sloppy framing, with handles, wrinkles, and frames that don’t quite fit, doesn’t help matters.

I feel like the comparison to a band poster is not exactly valid. I have multiple band posters on my wall, and they are limited-edition posters from shows that I have attended. That feels much more personal to me than the bag that you get your luxury goods in that is the same as the bag that everyone else at all those stores everywhere will get when they spend a lot of money there. To me it is impersonal and kind of obnoxious.

However, they did a nice job with the Burberry logo, I wouldn’t mind that one in my imaginary walk-in closet because it’s not as ostentatious and the framing job seems to be better.


I’m all for framing non-traditional art but aside from the Burberry logo which is kind of neat the rest aren’t even visually interesting. If I saw this in someone’s home I would definitely, as they say on Project Runway “question their taste level” They should skip one trip to these stores and find some artwork that has some soul and personal meaning to it.


Cheap and tacky. Definitely.

Sarah L.

Not a big fan of just framing stuff to fill spaces but for me, depends on the reason. If it’s personal — the Tiffany bag you kept to remember the key ring you bought for your first apartment, for example — then it would have some meaning beyond just “look at my swag bags.”


Sarah L. hit on the issue: Why are these being framed? If it’s for the type of personal statement she mentioned — good. If it’s to feature beautiful graphics — well, that’s why I might do it, but the choices here are horrible. If it’s to focus on all the overpriced places one shops — tacky.


ew. so tacky.


I decorated my room with ESPRIT posters when I was around 10. This sort of thing seems appropriate for that age.


This reminds me of those people that decorate with shoes. I love Hermes orange,a LOT, however, framing a bag just doesn’t seem to work for me. This idea, would however, be great in a resale shop


Love it!
First of all its a great way to recycle! It’s using EVERY part of a gift or a shopping purchase. It’s not like your using it as “art” around your house. It’s something you would do in a closet or dressing area, it part of a theme…. And maybe remind you of a special gift or an expensive indulgence that you had to save for. I think that it’s ingenious!