steal this idea: table made from vintage suitcases

The other day I was visiting the HQ of Warby Parker, the hip online eyeglass retailer, and fell in love with this welcoming table by its entrance. It’s made up of a collection of vintage suitcases. Held together by a discreet strap, the cases vary in size and small, color-coordinated books fill in the gaps. The counter top is a simple white lacquer, and the whole thing felt surprisingly sturdy. This one was most likely custom-made for the space, but I’d bet you could craft a similar one at home. I’d fill the suitcases with some things — like all those old tax files and magazine’s I’m saving! — to help weight it down and give it some heft. A stretchy pull cord with a Carabiner hook should work keeping it in place. Here’s a similar idea that Apartment Therapy spotted at the Oakland’s Waterfont Hotel. Click here to see vintage suitcases for sale right now at eBay. Let me know if you have any bright ideas on how to tackle this project.

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