photo fun review: make a customized view-finder with vacation pictures

We always like to make physical mementos of our family trips. Usually we order printed books through iPhotos or Shutterfly, but this year we found a new way to preserve our vacation memories: We made a 3-D View-Master Reel of our Maine getaway! You probably recall View-Masters from your youth, and all those amazing 3-D images of dinosaurs or scenes from National Parks. The site helps you make your own reel using photos you’ve taken yourself. Click here to see the super easy to understand instructions to “build a reel.” You simply upload and edit your images just like you would a Shutterfly project. The key, says my professional photographer husband, is to use images that have a shallow-depth of field: The foreground is in focus and the background is blurry. The price for the first set is $25 and that includes a View-Finder. The more sets you order, the cheaper it gets. What a fun post-wedding gift idea, huh?

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