we tried it: method’s new spray-in fabric softener

If there is one thing that has a big impact on your life it’s how your clothes smell when they come out of the dryer. Certain fabric softener smells immediately transport me — one to my grandma’s home when I was growing up, another to my sister-in-law’s in Ohio. In our house, Method Home’s lavender-scented Squeaky Clean Dryer Sheets leave our entire basement smelling heavenly, and the bedding is like a dream. But they have introduced a new product that may be taking the place of honor in our laundry area. Always the innovator when it comes to clean green-living, the San Francisco-based company has introduced a spray-in fabric softener. You simply give your wet things a few squirts before you turn the dryer on and presto – out comes a batch of static-free, insanely fresh-smelling laundry. We tried the Fresh Air scent, which was incredibly clean and cozy smelling, but it also comes in the addictive Lavender Lilac fragrance I love so much. Best of all, there is no need for any kind of dryer sheet whatsoever. So less waste, more clean! One bottle works on 100 loads. $7.50 a bottle at methodhome.com.

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Hello, thanks for your post. I’m on my third bottle of this stuff. I LOVE it for my clothes, but three times now I’ve had the spray nozzle totally clog and stop working by about my 10th load. Very frustrating, I have returned twice….now am thinking its a flawed design. I wondered if anyone else is running into this?


I just bought this thanks to the post. It does smell great and I like the idea of reducing waste, too. However, I had the exact same problem as Meg….the spray nozzle clogged up starting on my second load!

Angela M.

Hi Meg and Katie. My bottle has the same problem. It stopped working and now I can’t use at all! What a bummer, huh?


hi all. so sorry to hear you’re having trouble with our dryer spray trigger. please email us at [email protected] so we can help.


On my second bottle. First one clogged, now the second one has done the same. Thought it was the bottle design, but have managed to break two other spray bottles. Love Method, but this is definetly a design flaw and should have never hit the shelves in this state.