steal this idea: installing a screen door for kid’s room

We spotted a few great ideas in the Houzz home tour of Brian Gibb and photographer Misty Keasler, a creative Texas couple who have figured out how to have little ones and show off their love of quirky art. The one we loved the most is putting a screen door on a kid’s room. As anyone who has ever tried to get a little one to sleep knows, sometimes the lights go off, sometimes they stay on. Sometimes the door is closed, sometimes it stays open a crack. In our house, this latter option never works, because our puppy Cupcake takes that as invitation to enter, and he doesn’t go to sleep quite as early as our girl. Solution? Interior screen door. Pretty wooden ones like the one in the photo above are available at Home Depot. They’re affordable, lightweight, and paintable. What’s best is that they allow you to keep the room contained — no unwelcome pets or siblings wondering in — while allowing light and air to circulate. Genius!

What do you think: Would you install an interior screen door anywhere in your house? Kid’s room? A home office?

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Not only that… but the threat (as they become more prone to slamming doors) of losing the solid door is much more real if there is already a screen. Teens can’t disappear into their caves or close you out as much with a screen door.


When we were house hunting, we toured a home where all of the main floor bedrooms had screendoors. I understood that the family had allergies and were trying to confine the pets to just the public areas (where they had tile floors.) I had to admit a screendoor is a lot less bothersome than constantly putting up and then taking down a baby gate.

Ever seen a cat climb a screen door?


This is brilliant. I think I will do this in my home. I have one room that I need to keep my cats out of, but in the summer the door has to be open to circulate air. I know they will try to climb/tear the screen, but this is the best option I have come across.

I would think this would be better for an office. I do think kids would destroy a door like this.


I want to do this for my craft room to keep the cats out, but the door frame is only 28 inches wide and the smallest screen door sold at Home Depot is 30 inches. Did you trim down the door?