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We’ve been living in our home for two years and still haven’t committed to a headboard for our bedroom. I vacillate between wanting a patterned headboard (like Grace’s famous one from Design Sponge) and thinking a plain one against a patterned, wallpapered wall would be best. This idea from Farrow & Ball combines the best of both ideas: It gives you the look of a headboard with some carefully applied wallpaper in a dreamy design. They recommend starting either with an intricate, small pattern (like the one shown) or a completely plain pattern. Ideally you’d have some scrap wallpaper lying around, but if not, ask around and see what might be available for sale. You’ll need probably need about 6′ X 4′. Here’s their how-to.

Wallpaper Headboard How-To by Farrow & Ball

1. This headboard is applied directly to the wall, so move your bed away to give you room to work.
2. Choose an outline for your headboard that will complement the design on your leftover wallpaper.
3. Measure the width of your bed and decide on the height of your headboard.
4. Using these measurements, cut enough wallpaper to fill the required space making sure the pattern matches up. The design in the above image took three drops.
5.Lay your wallpaper drops side-by-side on the floor.
6. Draw the left-hand side of the headboard in pencil and cut out. You can now use this as a template for the right-hand side; this technique ensures both sides are symmetrical. If you’re not confident, stick to a simple shape.
7. Paste the central drop of wallpaper and leave to soak for 3-5 minutes.
7. Mark a center point for your headboard on the wall and use this as a guide to hang the first drop.
8. Paste the remaining drops and leave to soak for 3-5 minutes.
9. Hang the remaining drops either side of the central drop and leave to dry. Now you can put your bed back and admire your handy work.

For more detailed instructions on hanging wallpaper including how to mix paste, please refer to Farrow & Ball’s ‘How to Hang Wallpaper’ instruction sheet.

Have you every decorated anything besides a wall with wallpaper? Share your ideas here!

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