new obsession: trader joe’s salt and pepper dark chocolate

Like many ladies I know, I have a dietary weakness: chocolate. Sometimes it seems like a meal is just not complete without a little taste of cocoa. My newest habit is to have a nibble of fine dark chocolate. If you buy the high quality stuff, just a small bite will satisfy, without consuming tons of calories. Plus, they say that dark chocolate has some valid health benefits. My new must-have, decadent treat is this organic stone ground Salt & Pepper Dark Chocolate from Trader Joe’s. I bought a similar Mexican-style round bar at Whole Foods recently that was more expensive, and I can confirm that TJ’s (at $4 a bar) is just as good. I know $4/bar might sound like a lot, but if you can control yourself and just have one or two pieces of the dark circle, it will last about a week. It’s slightly salty and spicy with a little crunch, giving you a kick as the stone milled chocolate melts in your mouth. It might not replace other sweet treats in your heart (like Cookie Spread), but it sure satisfies a chocolate craving.

Do you have a new Trader Joe obssession? Please share!

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