worth considering: bark shingles for the exterior?

A while we posted about an unusual siding option from Japan: Burnt wood. Now we’ve stumbled upon another gorgeous idea, and this one has its roots in North Carolina. This gorgeous place is home to Brent and Autumn Simmons in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It has a wonderful style that blends rustic mountain good looks with a modern, calm sensibility. Its amazing exterior is made up of bark shingles, which originated in the region in the early 1900s. Beautiful and sturdy, they’re supposed to last up to 75 years. They need no sealers or preservatives and have a natural durability. And best of all, they’re made with a part of the tree that is often discarded. You can visit barkhouse.com for more info on the materials. To see more of the Simmons’ home, visit this Houzz gallery.

We think they’re pretty gorgeous, and love the way they look on a modern home. Would you give them a try?

Photos by Christopher Kellie Design.

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Karen in Wichita

First, ask your insurance company. Or your fire department. Bark probably isn’t quite as flammable as shake shingles, which our fire department has described as “I’d like to meet the first guy who thought it was a good idea to side a residence in *tinder*” but I still bet your insurance company will charge you extra for it.

I was also wondering about the fire aspect of it. They’re absolutely gorgeous, but I can see if they aren’t somehow treated that they’d be fairly high risk.