our new favorite dog toy: the loopie

Our 11-month old puppy Cupcake has two games he likes to play: fetch and, the more frequently engaged, keep-away. When he and I get into a good throw-and-fetch groove, he will happily retrieve balls, sticks, or whatever squeeky toy I am tossing for about a half an hour. More often than not, however, when I throw the toy, he fetches and then almost brings it back. He’ll likes to stop just outside my reach and wag excitedly when I try to chase him or grab at whatever it is in his mouth. If it’s a small ball, well there’s not much to grab and I am left grasping at the air like a fool. What works best, I have discovered, is a toy that you throw and grab; something that has a little weight to it, something that sticks out of his mouth a bit. Enter the Loopie, our new favorite toy. We’re on our second one already (the first was bought an the end of July and recently met its end thanks to Cupcake’s teeth). A mass of interwoven loops that provide multiple handles for both dog jaws and owner hands, the Loopie is one tough ball. Our new one is waterproof, which means it will withstand our wet yard and Cupcake’s generous saliva output a bit longer than other toys. We got ours at a small pet store in town, but you can also find them at Walmart.com for about $11. If your pooch likes to play fetch, tug and/or keep-away, this thing could be your new best-friend friend. Bonus: It’s soft, so it won’t do extreme damage when you (or the dog) accidentally get clocked on the head. (Can you feel my pain here?)

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cupcake is still so adorable! I feel your pain when looking for good dog toys. I may have to try a loopie. My dog’s favorite toy of late (she’s now 5 and uninterested in toys for the most part) is a wool tug from target. She loves to play with it by herself even and somehow hasn’t destroyed it yet…

I love your dog… it looks like a teddy bear with curly hair. Oh, Im in love!
back to the topic… I got my dog toys from local store… and only buy once from biteem for a Christmas present. I like the loopie toy as it looks fun to play. I will buy one (Shhh… will just borrow it when my dog is sleeping)