yay or nay: changing doormats with the seaons?

We just put our new lobster rope doormat in place a month or so ago and it already seams grossly out-of-season. The time has come to shift the mood of our front porch from summer hang-out-spot to harvest-spooky-fall abode. Should I seriously give into this whim and buy a doormat JUST for the Halloween season. We’ll get four weeks use out of it and then it will be passe! Perhaps a leaf-themed one will be able to last until post-Thanksgiving. And then we put out the holiday cheer until January. And then what … a winter theme? Oi. How many doormats does one house need?

Tell me, do you change your doormats with the season? How many do you own? Fess up!

P.S. The cute one above is from Potterybarn Kids.

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I love that one! Personally, I’d like to change mats for the seasons, but it’s very low on the list of things to do. I still have the snowman one from last winter. I’m not going to bother changing it now– it’s almost back in season again, haha!


No, this is not something I would ever think of doing. There are 75 million other things I would rather spend time and money on!