steal this idea from richmond’s pasture: top “dipped” wooden chairs

The other weekend, we made a road trip down to lovely Richmond, VA to visit with friends — which happily included sneaking out for a grown-up meal at Pasture, from the same team that is responsible for the Richmond staple, Comfort. Featuring the same sort of elevated home cooking by chef and owner Jason Alley, Pasture serves up locally grown plates, like a sophisticated version of a state fair. Though the Frito pie and southern fried rice I was enjoying were insanely tastey, my attention was distracted by these cleverly placed, colorful wooden chairs. Putting a spin on the “dip dyed” trend, Jason’s wife Mercedes Schaum and their business partner, Michele Jones, painted just the tops of some wooden dining chairs. They resourcefully collected them from a surplus at their kids’ school, and used the same blue and green tones as used elsewhere in the restaurant. Jason explains that they decided to put the color on the top of the chair, rather than the legs, to draw their customers’ eyes across the dining room, not down to the floor. And, since it’s impossible to find a bucket big enough to “dip” a whole chair into, they taped off the backs and painted on the color. So simple it’s genius! Put this one in your inspiration board and save for later. And be sure to swing by Pasture the next time you go through Richmond!

Photos by Scott Elmquist

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Great pics and the chairs look really great and stylish… Great job