30 days of halloween: jack-o-lantern gourds

We spotted these cheery jack-o-lanterns in the window of a local store and thought they were too clever to pass up. We hunted them down online and discovered they were made by an awesome little company in Pennsylvania, called Meadowbrooke Gourds. Owner Benjamin Bear comes from a long line of farmers, and these beauties are raised and created in their own shop. Made from Goose Gourds, the lanterns have a hard, durable shell that just begs to have a face on carved into it! If you’re interested in trying to make your own, be sure to visit their generous tips page, that gives advice on growing, drying, cleaning and crafting a gourd. Being non-farmers ourselves, we’d rather just buy one. Prices range from about $30 for a small lantern to $60 for a bigger version. Most come with an electric light inside. Visit gourdshop.com for the full range!

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