30 days of halloween: free spooky printables

Is there anything spookier than a condemned, empty house? It’s where all sort of creepy crawlies can hide and spin their webs in the shadows. You never can tell just what is hiding in the dark- maybe a shambling zombie or a portal to an unspeakable, Cthulhu-friendly dimension (don’t you just hate those?). My imagination tends to run away with me and that’s why just this sign printed out and stuck on someone’s front door would scare me worse than a thousand fake spider webs. Visit Brooklyn Limestone for the simple, but effective download.

While you have your printer fired up, take a look at these other free Halloween printables:

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[…] Free Spooky Printables from Shelterrific. I love the “condemned house” sign. (Shelterrific is posting new Halloween ideas everyday this month so if you are a Halloween-a-holic visit often.) […]