30 days of halloween: diy mummified fairy specimen

I’ll admit it: I get a little excited whenever new evidence of a long lost species is uncovered. The practical part of my brain says there’s nothing new under the sun and all those fantastical baddies and mythical creatures are pure fiction. . . but that doesn’t stop the rest of my brain from holding out hope that just maybe there’s a little magic left in the far corners of the world.

That’s probably why I’m obsessed with this super creepy mummified fairy specimen from Shadow Manor. Wonderfully eerie and bizarrely accurate, it looks like one of a collection that Guillermo del Toro would have lining the walls of his office. This surprisingly easy DIY consists of a plastic skeleton, some glue, an old pair of nylons, and a few crumbling leaves for wings. I love it so much that I might let mine hang up all year.

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