i never thought i’d say this: my dog likes yak milk (chews, that is)

Our one-year old Labradoodle, Cupcake, likes to gnaw on all kinds of things that most people find rather unappealing, like marrow bones and deer antlers, or rubber toys stuffed with frozen peanut butter. According to Cupcake, everything’s better once it’s been buried in the backyard for a day or two. But the favorite dog chew in our house at the moment comes from a most unexpected source: Himalayan yak milk. I have no idea how someone discovered that you can turn yak milk into something dog’s love, but bless his resourceful soul. According to the site, himalayandogchew.com this “ancient” recipe involves simply yak milk, salt and lime juice. It takes about three months of separating, squeezing, drying out and smoking the milk curds before they are sent on their long journey to the States. Once here, the chews are dehydrated, cut and packaged before landing in the homes of dog owners like me. Once they land in the jaws of happy canines like Cupcake, the yak chews delight for days.

We found that one five inch chew lasts about week. It’s like a really hard, smoky-smelling candy that will keep your dog occupied for hours. That’s what I call magic. The fact that it started out being squeezed from a Yak’s teat by a Himalayan farmer is icing on the cake! Well worth the $10 for two chews, I say. Click here to find out where you can buy some near you.

Got any secret dog chews to share? I’d love to hear what your pet loves.

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But do they stain carpeting or upholstery?