post off: are you ready for a weather disaster in your house?

Even though we heard about Sandy’s approach days before she arrived, we were still surprised by the wallop she punched in our community and neighboring areas. Luckily, our house was unharmed, but others, like the ones around the corner in the photo above, were not so fortunate. We thought we were ready. We had a big box of tea lights, plenty of water and a pile of firewood. By day four without electricity and rapidly dipping temperatures, we realized weren’t prepared to last more than a few days without power. Now we’re investigating generators and putting together a must-get list of survival supplies. Topping that list: portable gas cans. Who knew that gas stations couldn’t run without electricity? Having a generator is pretty useless if there is not fuel around to charge it. Rather than tough it out in our cold house, we fled to Ohio to visit family. We should be able to return soon, now that things getting back to normal. Hopefully before the next storm we’ll be ready!

What have you done in your home to get ready for the worst? Do you have a stash of supplies in the basement? A bug-out bag?

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Megan B.

Glad you guys fared ok — I was concerned about you! And all of this is really making me feel like a slouch for the lack of emergency supplies we have. We need a generator, since we’re all electric here and have no fireplace. I was just reading about this portable camp/emergency stove that I think I’ll invest in soon, the BioLite Other than that, we just have lots of blankets, lara bars, and camping supplies.


This sounds silly, but it’s not an obvious ‘get pitches of water ready’ tip: I did all my laundry/bedding and took a shower before the storm started. I was really grateful to have tons of clean clothes ready to go no matter how long the power was out for.


i, too, thought we were ready… but when we were flooded by water at kitchen-counter height, all my clothes were also flooded… nothing worse than having nothing dry to put on after mucking out a wet house.