ready for anything: trapdoor kitchen winecellars

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this past week, it’s that you can never be too prepared. Post-Sandy, we are busy stocking up our pantry with water, canned goods, boxed milk, and of course, a stash of our favorite wines. This post over at The Kitchn has us thinking about storage in a whole new way. It’s about a company called Spiral Cellars, that constructs hidden storage space for your favorite vinos. A trap door in your kitchen leads to a spiral staircase that can store about 1000 bottles of wine. Though we are not such wine aficionados that we’d ever need this much space, we can see the advantage of having a secret spot to hide your cherished goods. Of course this set up will cost ya some bucks: Like $30,000. Perhaps a bunker would be more practical. Or a teardrop trailer so you can take it with you when the storm hits!

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Oh my god, I want this so much. Having a secret room behind a bookcase is a childhood wish of mine, but this might be even better!

Looks like a great idea and innovation, however surely not all homes could be designed for such a ‘secret area’? I would be scared I really damaged anything underneath my house. Not to mention you said it costs 30k! Just isn’t anywhere near worth it for me. :(

Great Idea! I love this so much to have a secret place at home and at the same time a new way of organizing things.

The idea for a secret place looks really great but it’s kinf of expensive. And I’m not so sure if this is convenient to have a doorin the middle of your kitchen. I thinks it’s a little bit dangerous with these spiral staircase.