post off: when do you plan your holiday cards?

I got an email the other day from my favorite stationer, Sesame Letterpress, reminding me that it was time to start thinking about holiday cards. Though we got short-changed with Halloween because of Storm Sandy, and Thanksgiving is nipping at our heels, I’m going to start planning our holiday season now. Ever since Isadora was born, we like to do a photo card which involves dressing her up in some way. This one below, from two years ago remains my favorite.

She was just under two years old in this photo, and now as a nearly five year old she loves dressing up more than ever. I think we’ll need to put together some kind of holiday-themed costume fast and do a photo shoot at home. The trouble with making your own cards is that you really need to be organized: taking the photo, choosing the design, ordering in time to get them out. Our favorite site for ordering cards remains Shutterfly — because we can upload our own jpg and the prices are great. I will still buy a box of printed cards to send out to professional contacts, and they might very well be these dear deer ones from Sesame.

Needless to say, the art of sending out a holiday greeting card is something I cherish. By December 25th our mantle is filled with cards from friends and family, and that’s just the way it should be.

Do you send out customized cards, or do you buy cute box sets? Tell me your plans!

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Jen from CHI

Past couple of years, I’ve been changing it up. Instead of holiday cards, I have sent valentines, new years, and this year…I got my act together early and am sending thanksgiving cards. Always customized and always a pic of my dog. And to keep it simple, I make them into postcards. So much more fun!