great stairs: wallpaper & rug combo that works

Do you have a staircase in your house? When I was growing up, we always lived in single floor, ranch style homes and never ever had a second floor. Now that we do, I am becoming obsessed with the possibilities that the space allows. Runners, wallpaper, paint, collections — so many things that can be done it is hard to choose just one. At the moment, we’re keeping ours simple: hardwood stair tops, with everything else white. A mish-mash collection of family portraits through the years covers the ascending wall in an informal way; I love seeing the smiling faces of our loved ones past and present as we trudge up and down. I am tempted, however, to do something more bold. Especially after viewing this beauty over at The bold repeat pattern on the wall plays wonderfully off of the striped runner. And the black topped stairs polish it off nicely. Could you hang art on this wall though? Might be too much?

What’s your favorite way to decorate a staircase? I’d love to know.

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