yay or nay: decorating with state shapes?

As things settle back to normal following the election the other week, the notion of state pride and identity seems to be stronger than ever. We were in Ohio right before the big voting day (fleeing from Sandy in our own state of New Jersey) and found ourselves draw to a number of state stamped items. Perhaps that’s just because Ohio is such a lovely shape? From soaps to cast iron pans to end tables — state shapes seem to be everywhere. I can see the appeal of having a piece of state decor if you’ve living elsewhere — a dose of nostalgia is always welcome. But I think we’d get laughed out of town if we decorated with Jerseys in our present home.

What do you think of this state pride trend? Yay or nay?

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I love it! I’m from Maryland but live in Pennsylvania now, so I wish I had more Maryland-shaped things around the house to show my homestate pride. But I would much rather have the Pennsylvania cast iron pan than the Maryland one — more cooking surface!

This is great! I love it. Especially the pans