etsy picks: our favorite forever holiday wreaths

Around this time of year, the debate begins: Fresh wreath for the door, or buy one that will last? Our indecision is undoubtedly due to the fact that there are so many great ones to chose from. Here are a few forever wreathes that we are loving on Etsy right now. (And yes, we admit it: We will buy — not make — our wreath!)

Peppermint Candy Wreath, $35 — This might not survive the season intake if hungry munchers get their hands on it, but we love the red and white design.

Modern Paper Leaf, $80 — Elegant and crisp, this modern take says grown up house to us.

Humorous Upcycle Wreath with Vintage Ornaments, $80 — At the other side of the spectrum, this wreath is made up of forgotten toys in need of fresh love. Sure to spring a smile to guests’ faces!

Chevron Ribboned with Felt Flowers, $42 — Combining two of our favorite craft trends, this beauty is lovely but not to cutesy.

Paper Roses with White Snow Balls, about $100 — You might want to keep this one in out of the wet snow. We marvel at its craftsmanship and gorgeous flowers.

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