hollywood regency goes to the dogs with this over-the-top bed

If there’s one thing that is clear from all the catalogs and emails we’ve been getting about holiday pet products, it’s that Santa loves our pooches as much as he does kids. In between all the sliver-plated bowls, cashmere sweaters and gourmet treats, we spotted this over-the-top dog bed from Duroque that stopped us in our tracks. Insanely chic with tufts, black piping and gorgeous Damask print, it looks like something that Zsa Zsa would have for her pooches back in the 40s. Pure fantasy at $1200, it’s fun to dream about the Hollywood palace that would house such a throne. Take a look at Duroque’s full dog bed collection, it’s a treat.

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That dog bed is very expensive. Is it a standard size of a poodle?