we tried it: the verdict on the “paw wash”

The Claim:
Self proclaimed the most “ingenious dog washer” in the world, the Paw Wash ($29) is meant to be an easy to way to clean your dog’s muddy feet. The instructions say you fill the wash up with soapy water, dip your dog’s feet in, and then voila! No more muddy prints. The wash also comes with a hand mitt to wipe off “any excess water.”

The Situation: This has been a muddy, slushy winter! Cupcake goes in and out of our back yard constantly, and he hates getting his paws wiped. It’s a toss up: Wrestle with a 20-lb labradoodle while crouching by the back door, or let him run in, leave paw prints everywhere and clean up after him. Perhaps the Paw Washer would solve our constant conumdrum?

The Verdict: Here’s what the Paw Wash is: An hourglass shaped plastic vase, with a rubber “washer” lid at one end. It’s kinda like the car wash, in theory. Dip the paw into the water, and the rubber top squeezies it out. What actually happens is that you dip your dog’s leg in, and you pull out a drippy, wet, soapy dog leg. Yes, you can use the mitt to dry it a bit more by hand, but it is really wet. Front legs are easier than back legs, especially if your dog is a squirmer like ours. I suppose it would be a good thing if you had a really really muddy-legged dog and the only other option was a full-body bath. Sadly, the Paw Wash didn’t save us time or struggle. I’m gonna stick with our damp towel wipe down for now.

Still Curious: Visit the pawwash.com for more information.

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Your dog actually looks kind of ticked off in the pic. I am definitely sticking with the damp towel method.

I am so glad, though sorry about the results, that you tried out the Paw Wash + posted about it! We’re a no-shoe household here so it’s only fair that the dogs get their paws wiped every time they come in from the backyard. I usually just use a large bath towel, and occasionally a warm, wet washcloth if they’re exceptionally dirty. Recently we’ve had a large amount of rain/ice/snow and I was thiiiiis close to ordering the Paw Wash, thinking it’d make the paw cleaning process quicker + more stress-free. Sounds like I’ll be sticking with the bath towel method for now, which is a-ok with me! Thanks again for sharing your honest experience!


“don’t even THINK about sticking my paw in that thing again, now go get me a dog treat you crazy human”

Is it just me or does this look like a disaster waiting to happen? :-) My dog would automatically distribute the contents around the home in seconds, then roll in it and jump all over the sofa and bed. Even if I could get the paw in it would need a rub to loosen the dirt which I can’t do.


I bought The Paw Wash a year ago and Love it! My dogs have never minded using it and it really saves us a lot of time. My dog also cut her paw on a walk and we used it to soak it with medicine and it really helped.