there’s no wallpaper like gnome: in hunt of “being human” decor

I’ve just finished watching the first few seasons of the original UK version of Being Human. I love the show, I love the characters, and I really love the great wallpaper in nearly every room of the house the main characters share in season one. Most notable is the totally incongruous gnome wallpaper in the room where George sleeps. It’s obviously using images Rien Poortvliet created for Wil Huygen‘s very popular 1970s and ’80s series of books on gnomes. After some obsessive seplaceing¬† trying to figure out if it was created for the show or produced for sale at some point (I even contacted the agent of the series’ set decorator, Andrew Purcell, but have yet to receive a response), I finally found evidence that gnome wallpaper existed for sale. Unfortunately, Retro Villa had already sold its stock (but there are certainly lots of other drool-worthy items still for sale there). Oh well, on to season three. Hmm, who makes that DNA-esque wallpaper in the B&B “honeymoon suite”?

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I love the wallpaper. I can see why you would have it up in your home :)

Bless you for finding this! I LOVE the wallpaper they chose for the set. Have you had any luck finding the moody blue wallpaper from Mitchell’s room?


I was watching some creepy movie and this whimsical wallpaper was all I could focus on. I went nuts looking for it and all I found was digital wallpapers etc. Thanks for doing all the reseplace!

Heather Nichols

In 1996, I was visiting family in Netherlands, this wallpaper was in my room. So I freaked out when I saw it on my favorite show. Hopefully can find this for my kids!


Did anyone find it? I have been searching too!