quick ikea hack: a cut-to-fit hallway rug

We had a potentially dangerous situation brewing on our upstairs landing. The no-slip rug pad under our colorful cotton rag rug was no longer no-slip. In fact, it was quite the opposite. It seemed to be pro-slip, especially when playing fetch with a clumsy laboradoodle. One day, I feared, some one was skid right off and down the stairs. We spotted the Ikea PS 2012 wool felt rug and decided to take it home and make it ours. Larger than the space, we rolled out and carefully customized it so it would fill the floor, and bleed a bit into the rooms that it led to. This part of our old wooden floor is especially creaky, so having a run is essential. With a firm rubber backing, this baby is not budging a lift, so puppy and kid can freely skip across. At $99, it was certainly cheaper than achieving a similar effect with Flor tiles, which I found never stay in place. Plus, it is super cheery! In honor of its design, Isadora decided to wear all polka dots today. How wonderful is that?

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This is a brilliant hack! I love it, looks great.

Mary S

We just bought this rug, too, in green! I LOVE the idea of the hack! We are actually using ours full size (9×10 — it is a great size for $99!) in our LR, but we figured we may move it to the basement someday. I love how you made it look amoeba-like. And for anyone thinking about this rug, we have two big, long-haired dogs, and my worry was that this rug would look too hairy immediately. Not at all — I am really pleased with how it looks.