decor slueth: we hunted down the land of nod london wallpaper

I wish catalogs would credit everything in a photograph the way that magazines do. Why do they tease with perfect, real-life settings for their products and not fully arm us with the how-tos on creating the look ourselves. Case in point: This insanely adorable room from Land of Nod, above. Yes, I know how to get the gorgeous red Jenny Lind bed and the vibrant black-and-white storage trunk, but what I have really been obsessed with is that wallpaper! Not only am I leaning towards a black-and-white pattern for our bedroom wall, I’m hopeless romantic about the London skyline. I lived there on and off through the years, and my heart always swells a bit when I see the Eye, Big Ben, or even the Gherkin. I’m pleased to report that after some Googling I found the source — Graham & Brown. I should have known that the makers of the hippest, prettiest wallpapers were behind this one. It’s called Londinium and it was made to commemorate the Olympics last summer. Wallpaper is not a light a commitment, so I ordered a sample to look at.

Are you on the hunt for anything you’ve seen uncredited in a catalog, magazine or tv show? Let us know and we’ll help you track it down!

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Love that wallpaper! If you decide to use it for your home please share pictures. :-)

The wallpaper so cute… and i think i never wet when rain come

Mary S

You and me and the wallpaper sleuthing! : )


Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been obsessing about this wallpaper.

The wallpaper is great! The umbrella is a little bit strange for me but the room looks really amazing.

The wallpaper is super cute and fun! I love the red/black/white color combo. And that chevron storage trunk at the foot of the bed is to die for. I need one for my own room!

This room looks so classy and of course the wallpaper.Black,white and red together always look fabulous..