we tried it: the verdict on pluck, the egg white separator

The Claim: Whether you’re separate your eggs because you’re trying to be healthy, or just because tiramsu is on the menu tonight, Quirky’s Egg Pluck gadget aims to take the sucky part out of pulling separating your yolks. They say that you simply place the gizmo over the yolk of an already cracked egg, squeeze the silicone chamber, and release to suck the egg yolk up into it.” Give Pluck another squeeze to release the yolk.

The Situation:
Egg cracking is not my strong point — I often get shell fragments or leave dribbles of egg whites behind in the bowl. My method of separating eggs is the one my mom taught me as a kid — crack the egg, then toss it back and forth in the two half shells, letting the white pour out while preserving the yolk. It more or less works, but I often crack the yolk, a drop of which can ruin a perfectly good egg white froth. After spotting Pluck on Quirky, I decided to give it a try.

The gadget itself is like a turkey baster without the tube. The small clear plastic opening unscrews from the white silicone part for easy cleaning. I followed the instructions. First, crack and egg. Then, while squeezing, place the Pluck on the yolk.

Presto! The yellow ball gets sucked into the blub.

Simply squeeze it again to release the bulb into another bowl.

The Verdict: The Pluck is $13 at Quirky, and for some it is a worthy a purchase. It does the job it says it does, and definitely makes the task of egg separating much cleaner. It’d be a fun stocking stuffer for your diet-focused friend, or a must-have for any meringue maker. However, if you don’t find yourself separating eggs too often, you can definitely live without.

Still Curious:
Visit quirky.com to see Pluck in action, and get the full story on its creation.

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I’ve applied this same application with an empty single serving plastic water bottle…but for $13, this is a much cuter way of achieving the same thing. Plus, who doesn’t like a new gadget?


I separate eggs by cracking the egg onto a saucer, placing a small glass over the yolk, I hold the glass firm and pour the white off into a separate container.