chico & dog’s beds: a love story

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, we’re thinking of all the ways to show how much we love you to those in our lives that deserve it most. That’s right, we’re talking about our pets. Who else looks at us with such pure devotion? Warms our feet on cold nights or sits by our side all day when we are sick? Muddy foot prints forgiven, there are few things more sweet than our pooches.

Karina and Carlos Mendez, a couple of doggy parents behind the new store Chico & Dog, feel the same way. A nurse and an industrial designer, they put the kind of attention into products that makes our hearts swell: attention to detail plus smart nurturing. Their dog beds are so stylish and comfy — complete with washable bed covers, pillows and even mini pillows — not only will you not mind looking at them every day, but your dog will instinctively appreciate them as well. Starting at $107, they are only slight more expensive than the traditional Dr Fosters variety, but way, way cooler. Also available for those pet parents blessed with more than one pooch: the MultiLeash which helps you walk up to four dogs at once.

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