what every stylish round table needs: bright oval place mats from chilewich’s spring collection

We love our round dining room table. It’s warm and friendly and lends itself to easy conversation. One thing dilemma it causes us though: what kind of placemat to use. Square ones just don’t work — they leave too much space and look sloppy. Circles are better, but not perfect. In the past, we’ve customized placemats ourselves cutting out odd shapes that fit exactly. Now we have found the perfect solution: Chilewich’s oval placements, bright egg-shaped backdrops for your dishes. And, they’re new spring colors are especially vibrant. It’s nice to see one of our favorite brands pushing away from their safety zone of neutrals. Don’t these turquoise ones look gorgeous against the bright orange Eames chair? Perfect for the modern chic dining room –with every day ease and cleanup! For more info and to see other colors, visit Chilewich.com

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