real life test kitchen: stuffed flank steak

I’ve only recently begun using Pinterest as a recipe file. It’s so great to see something that looks good and be able to save it for easy perusal later. My husband and I are both fans of flank steak, but more of the “order it from the menu” than of the “ever actually cook it ourselves” variety. So a link to this Family Circle recipe for flank steak stuffed with spinach, blue cheese, and roasted red peppers (more stuff we like!) caught my eye.

The recipe was very easy to follow (Family Circle doesn’t call it “Cooking School” for nothing), even if slicing a flank steak horizontally “like a book” was new to this kitchen-challenged person. I modified the recipe just slightly, using Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb instead of garlic salt and using soda cracker crumbs instead of seasoned bread crumbs (which I forgot to buy), but it still turned out delicious, if slightly less pretty than the magazine photograph (again: my meat-slicing skills meant a roll that was more of an open semi-circle). My one caveat would be to watch the broiling time. I should have turned the meat sooner; one side ended up being a little too crispy. But still delicious! I served it with fingerling potatoes that were baked in a little oil and sea salt. Click for the full recipe.

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