is this the lightbulb of our dreams? craving philips hue

We’re written about light bulb innovations before, but the new Philips Hue goes beyond anything we’ve imagined thus far. If it does everything that this video says it does, this LED light offers a full-spectrum of color shades that you can apply to your house with a touch of your finger. The entry cost is $200 for three bulbs, and with that you get an app that you download to your iPad, iPhone or Android. Once connected, you can control your mood lighting with a tap on your phone. Features include the ability to set wake-up lights that gradually come on in the morning, remote turn-on to have lights on even when you’re not there, and allowing you to grab a color from a photo and apply to the bulb. There’s a tone for reading, a tone for concentrating and a warm glow that recreates candlelight. We’re not entirely sold but would love to give it a try. For more info, check out Hue’s site.

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Wow. I visited the Phillips site, played the video, and bam! I don’t know about you right now but I think I’m sold. Or maybe not that completely. I’ll be looking for a few reviews then I’ll make the purchase if there aren’t big issues with the product.