adventures in beekeeping, 2.0: here come the bees again…

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a bee hive. Four years, to be exact. Longtime Shelterrific fans will recall the sad chronicles of our ill-fated colony. Our lazy bees had plenty of food, but clustered too far away to retrieve it during the long, cold winter of 2008. I remember the day Chad went to pick up the box of them at the post office, with our then four month old daughter in the back seat of our hatchback Fit. Our bees may not have lasted one year, but our appreciation of them and our love of honey has only grown (along with our daughter and the size of our car!). We’ve decided to give it a try again this April, and have ordered a new hive and the necessary gear from Betterbee. One addition to our list — a kid’s size beekeepers suit from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, so Isadora can get up-close-and-personal with the bees. Other than that, our plan for installation this year is to provide them with pre-made hive frames. Last time we let them free-form it, and I think it was just too much work.

One thing on our to-do list before the bees arrive is to watch the critically-acclaimed documentary, More Than Honey. In it, filmmaker Markus Imhoof journeys around the world to meet the global community of beekeepers. As the above still shows, it not only provides new looks at our favorite insects but reminds us how dependent we are on them to maintain much of our food sources.

Stay tuned for more updates we prepare for our bees arrival!

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Mary S

Here come the bees again…falling on my head like aaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though, congrats! Can’t wait to hear more bee stories.

Angela – I’m really pleased to read that you are trying again with the bees.

I was only watching a news report today about the decline in bee numbers and so went on a mini-hunt online for stories about it!

It is quite frightening how news reporters can use the words “declined by 50% in ten years” in relation to this and not feel the same shiver down their spines that I do.

Unless we reverse this trend now there are going to be a lot of jobs for scientists with small pippets to pollinate flowers!

I have had a garden for years and I never thought about doing a beehive. Maybe I should look to see if my city allows it.