post off: what’s your favorite way to steam veggies?

In the latest edition of Food Network magazine there’s a great story about famous chefs’ most essential kitchen tools. Lots of the things listed just aren’t necessary for everyday cooking (hello onion goggles) but one thing jumped out at me. Tom Douglas from Dahlia Lounge in Seattle said his item is a bamboo steamer. I’ve never used one of these and am wondering how it’s done.  We steam a lot of veggies, especially with a fussy five year old who prefers her green things straight up and simple. Our gadget of choice at the moment is a silicone steamer. For years we were devoted to our Babycook, until after four years of daily use it finally pooped out. It was perfect because we cook just a small amount of vegetables and not have to take up a burner on the stove. I should note that we are probably the only modern family who doesn’t own a microwave.

So tell me, how do you steam your vegetables? Any bamboo steamer devotees out there?

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I don’t own one, but I have used one, and it was great for steaming a few different things at once–a couple kinds of vegetables, and fish–on the different layers.


My family has never used a bamboo steamer. We have a two tiered metal pot that has a flat insert so it can be used as a steamer (you can take the top section of the pot and the insert out and use it like a regular pot as well). Its a largish pot so it can hold a whole lot of dumplings or vegetables. :-)

I used my bamboo steamer just last night! It’s great when I have to steam a lot of something. Last night it was artichokes. Usually we just use the steamer insert on our Revereware 2 quart pot.