steal this idea: book pages as wallpaper

The other day I was having a delightful page turn through the new Heart + Home, a digital UK design magazine that reminds of everything I used to love about Living Etc and Elle Decor UK (which I can hardly find stateside anymore). Their combination of creative yet realistic homes plus sharp market work makes it at a true inspiration. Take for example the photo above. It is from a story about Emma Cassi, a stylist-turned-jewelry design who lives in a west London with her husband and two children. In her daughter Hope’s room, she’s cleverly taken pages of out of a vintage book and decoupaged one wall with them. What it the book? The magazine doesn’t say, but I’d think that a little Louis Carroll or C.S. Lewis would do nicely. I’ve always wanted to try this in a small half bath. Which author would you feature there? Jane Austin or Henry Miller? The mind twirls with possibilities.

Looking for a how-to on this project? Check out Apartment Therapy’s Di.I.Y. post. To see more of Emma’s beautiful home, see the current issue of Heart + Home.

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Love the idea but I’m not so big on her execution. If she had laid the pages out beforehand and interspersed the different colored pages it might have been more successful. Either that or tea dyed/overdyed (maybe in pink or blue, etc) all the pages to bring some continuity. Personally I think it just looks like she ran out of one color and could only find a badly aged one. I’ve seen it done beautifully but sadly this isn’t it and now it will require new drywall to fix.

I really Like the unique idea placing paper as a wallpaper but the I agree with the
Kimberj as rightly said by her is that the color papers would have really given an elegant look and feel.And in addition to that the proper arrangement of papers might have given a wall something different look.

This is a great idea. Although I would probably rather go buy books I didn’t actually read for this :) It does make for a cool look though.