want it now: new mad men poster

We’re dusting off our cocktail shakers and getting ready to cozy up with Don Draper in tonight’s overdue return of Mad Men. The year will be 1968, and the show’s set design will no doubt be getting groovy. The transition from mod, streamlined mid-century design to organic and shaggy late 60s should be interesting. You can see the mood shift already in the new official poster. Gone are sharp graphics and free-falling silhouettes. They’ve been replaced with hand-drawn lines and pencil shading. It was created by an illustration master Brian Sanders and it is reminiscent of the kind of work that was frequently found in magazines like Reader’s Digest in the early 70s. Not only does the drawing hint at the drama that may lie ahead, but it also the change in fashions. (Note the wide striped tie — radical for Don.) Unfortunately, the team at AMC has not made the new work available for purchase. We might just have to pick up one of these more classic graphics from Needle Design, below, available through Fancy for $30.

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