blik’s new surface skins: decals for furniture — yay or nay?

As I type this I am looking at a plain, pine desk surface. It’s about as exciting as a bowl of cereal without milk. After seeing what can be done with Blik’s news Surface Skins, I’m beginning to imagine a bright future for my dull office. A new line of durable, cleanable, self-adhesive art work, it is re-imagining “contact paper” of our past: This is is meant for the outside of the drawers. Blik has launched Surface Skins with 12 designs to choose from, but there will be more coming soon. I personally, would love to see one that looked like this (spotted in artist JR’s studio on My favorites from the current line are Broadway (not sure why Broadway means beetles?) and Homage (it has a little Damien Hirst vibe to it). From watching the video they look simple to install, but what I want know is how does it hold up to a hot mug of coffee?

What you think? Decals for furniture: Yay or nay?

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Pretty cool idea! Definitely can help spice up a boring piece of furniture.

I love this idea, im totally down for a fun design and new finish

If you are going to be at a desk for the majority of your work day, you should make it something that you enjoy being around. Way to give good decorating ideas.

Thanks for the post, Angela. The beetles design is called Broadway after a street in Venice, CA in Wrapped and Blik’s ‘hood – and it makes sense to us. :) The skins will absolutely stand up to a cup of hot coffee or a bowl of soup – and if you knock that cup over like we often do, spills wipe up easily. We don’t recommend putting a hot pan right off the stove onto the skin without a trivet – but that’s nothing out of the ordinary.

Those are pretty cool, I don’t know about the bug desk though.

I’ve always decorated the areas around my desk but never decorated the actual desk. I like the ideas.

This is a cool product, I think it would look great outdoors as well as indoors. Thanks for sharing

I like them. The animal prints are really interesting.