dog crates in disquise: getting fancy with hundehutte

It’s not something I am proud of, but we have a dog crate in our dining room. We’ve moved it around the house, and really it’s the place that we find it least offensive, tucked into a corner that’s mostly out-of-site. However, when we sit down to a meal, there it is, just over my husband’s shoulder. It ain’t pretty, but it does make our house a happy place — both for Cupcake and us!

As you can imagine, my curiosity was peeked after seeing a press release on the Hudehutte (pronounced Hound HUT), a fancy covering for dog crates made by interior designer Kim Schroeder. A custom-made fabric cover drapes over the crate — which is honestly big enough to be a side table. It has a roll-er panel that can go up and down as needed, and a glass top which can be ordered separately. There’s no doubt that it raises the aesthetic bar significantly! This level of eye candy does not come cheap — prices start at $650. But a quick seplace tells me there are less expensive (though less polished) versions available on Etsy and through, which has the below one for only $99. Cute, huh?

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I stumbled upon this post as I was looking for a perfect way to keep our dog from attacking our stuff at night when everyone else is sleeping…Well, I can say that you did a great job here. The shade of the covering somehow matches the mood in your dining area. I might try this in our own house. Thanks for sharing.