post off: what’s your take on backyard firepits?

Last Sunday our neighbors hollered over the fences and invited us to come sit around their fire pit in the backyard. It was a chilly but gorgeous, evening with glowing skies. The kids romped around, occasionally swinging by for warming laptop pit-stops, while us grownups nursed a few beers and savored the last few hours of the weekend. Later back home, I loved the smoky smell that clung to my clothes, and I suddenly realized, fires aren’t just for winter anymore!

Before we rush out to HomeDepot to pick up one of our own, or invest in something as stunning as the Daze ($689 from Haskell), above, I’d love to get your take on backyard fire pits.

So tell me, fire pit owners: Are they safe? Where’s the best place to put them — on the grass? On a patio? And most importantly, what’s the secret to making perfect, gooey s’mores? ;-)

From our partners

I love firepits, feels like im camping in my backyard and everyone wants to be all around the circle. Love it


LOVE it. We had one in the quad when I was in grad school, and now my parents have one at their house (which sometimes makes me wish I still lived at home!). Some of my favorite conversations have happened over a fire — and working in youth ministry has shown me that teens are much more likely to open up and say what’s really on their minds when a fire is burning.

Either the grass or the patio is fine, but I prefer the patio. Especially if you can build a sitting wall near the spot where you put the fire pit!

S’mores Pro-Tip: Roast the marshmallow for a longer time at the edge of the fire so it gets hot all the way through…and use a Reese’s Cup instead of a chocolate bar. And once you’ve mastered s’mores, get a mountain pie maker and it will change your life!