our favorite 70-year-old eames chair gets an update

Nearly every day, I look into our dining room and smile. Our bright tomato red Eames Eiffel Tower chairs always make me happy. I loved them forever and now they are ours. But after seeing the newest DWR catalog, and its stunning cover subject, I am restless with new possibilities. You see, they’ve updated they’re classic using modern 3-D veneer technology. Now the graceful molded chair comes in new wooden forms: ash, palisander and walnut. The wood is sliced into spaghetti thin strips and the glued back together. It allows the materials to bend and curve perfectly. The thick veneer ensures the same toughness as the plastic. They’d be gorgeous with a white table, or perhaps something brighter.

How would you style these new Eames chairs into your life? Check them out at DWR and let us know.

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Simple yet elegant chairs. Love it!!!