post off: if you could live in a catalog, which would it be?

The other day I saw a tweet from a friend and fellow blogger, the mom behind Love That Max, that said “I want my next life to be in Restoration Hardware Catalog.” (Like the elegant room, above.) To which I replied, make this one of mine Land of Nod and I’ll be happy! With so many design magazines vanishing, and so many catalogs taking on more editorial features, it’s no wonder that that retailers have become the main source of decor inspiration in our lives. If so many of them weren’t doing such a cracker jack job at it, this could present a real problem. (Think Fight Club and Ikea an you know what I mean.)

But that makes me wonder, if YOU could live inside a catalog which one would it be? Here are few images for inspiration but feel free to mention one not included here!

California Dreaming Who can’t imagine lounging around with a book in this sunny, modern house? via Flor

Boho Cozy: Suddenly Ikea doesn’t seem so plastic, when its fabric patterns get the rustic English cottage treatment.

Our Kind of Movie Night: Outdoor screenings of family adventures? Sign us up for a Crate & Barrel fiesta.

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Probably Anthropologie because I love their furniture and their clothes, although I am also very fond of Chiasso and CB2’s catalogs.


Ballard Designs! I want to buy everything they sell.