giving into decals: one decor spelling bees buzz to life

As you may recall, we have bees on the brain this season. And while we wait for the arrival of our new hives, we are embracing all things bee-related. To help us get in the mood to make some honey, we decided to put these adorable chalkboard bee wall decals up near Isadora’s bed. Since we share the one-bedroom in our tiny cottage, the new wall decor helps to make her corner feel more like hers. She can practice writing the new words she’s learning (she has mastered “mom” and “dad”) and certainly perks things up. The best thing about decals, is that they don’t require much commitment. When we get tired of them or want to relocate them elsewhere, we will just simply peel them off without any residue remaining behind. One Decor Spelling Bees are available at for $23.50. Above, you see the store’s image, below, our decals in action.

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Adorable! I love the idea.

Fantastic tips, I’ve been toying with the idea for quite some time. The addition of chalkboard paint is great and a good way to encourage drawing on the wall (not that it’s allowed!).