jewelry for your trees: mquan birdhouses

I am not a jewelry person, but there is one line of fine trinkets that always makes me swoon: Me & Ro. Their delicate, often-Asian inspired pieces provide just the right amount of sparkle to compliment any chic wardrobe. (In fact, it’s where my engagement ring is from.) So it goes without saying that I was tickled to learn that one of Me & Ro‘s founders, Michele Quan, has branched out to make lovely objects for the home and garden. Yesterday, Rima Suqi (who always has a great eye) pointed out in The New York Times that many of Quan’s objects are meant to dangle from trees. Especially lovely are her birdhouses. Meant to attract little wrens, sparrows and warblers, they also have holes for ventilation and drainage. Each is painted by hand, and features quaint flowers, leaves or astronomical patterns. They are pricey — between $250 to $475 — but verge more towards a work of art than a garden accessory. Visit for more information.

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