adventures in beekeeping 2.0: installing the new hives

This was the weekend we’ve been waiting for! Our bees have finally arrived. Chad picked them up from BetterBee on Saturday morning. When we had hives five years ago, they arrived in early May, but because it has been so cold here in the east, BetterBee postponed the distribution of the hives until June 1st. Unlike last time, when there was a spring chill in the air and the bees were a bit docile, this Saturday it was hot, hot, hot! As a result the bees seemed really active and eager to be in their new homes. We all donned our beekeeping suits and got in the on action — even Isadora, who was much more annoyed with the heat than she was the buzzing insects.

Here are some of the basics of Bee Hive Installation.

1. Give The New Hives A Drink

There are about 3 or 4 thousands bees in each of these boxes, and they make a lot of noise! While they are waiting for you install them, they are thirsty and anxious. We spritzed them with a sugar water solution to refresh and calm them.

2. Take The Queen Out First

The queen to each hive is in her own little box. It is on the nailed on top of the crate and needs to be gently pried off. You have to be careful doing this, because bees are not fans of vibrations — it makes them feel like they are being attacked. Take it nice and slow. You pull the queen’s box out and take off its lid. You will see that she has a sugar plug keeping her in there. You place the whole box into the hive, with a little wire mesh cradle to keep it in place. Eventually the queen will eat her way out and start getting busy making little bees.

3. Remove the can of sugar water in the box.
Each box comes with a tin can filled with sugar water that the bees have been living off of for days. You pull that out and place it near the hive. Be careful not to smush any bees while you do this. If you smush a bee it gives off a pheromone that makes other bees want to attack.

4. Shake out the bees into the hive.

The bees will just pour into the hives. It’s amazing to see! BetterBee suggestion that you put the whole crate inside the hives, but Chad prefers doing it this way. Afterwards, he just leaves the open crate near the front of the hive. Remaining stragglers will find their ways in!

5. Put the lid on the hives.

After you shake in the bees, place the honeycomb files back in carefully, and then place the lid on the hives. We put a heavy rock on the top stop any critters (or a heavy wind) from blowing it off.

Here’s another great article on how to install a beehive, from Treehugger.

For more of our previous beekeeping adventure, including some of perils we faced, see our archives. And follow me on Vine or Twitter @angelamatusik to see more videos.

Next update comes in two weeks!

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jess s

I prefer a single dump of bees, and then leaving the rest to find their way to the queen. For some reason, I seem to upset them more if I shake the box a lot. Anyway, I am just commenting to say how much i LOVE the animated gifts. they are so, so cute.


without bees we are dead !