post off: what furniture will you pass down to your kids?

Yesterday I read this great post on Apartment Therapy about how to chose furniture you can pass down to your kids. It reminds of the importance of good quality and classic design, and after reading it, had me looking around our house in a whole new light. I have often been envious of people who have inherited great pieces of furniture or artwork from their families. Aside from a few kitchen staples like some Corningware casserole dishes and Pyrex bowls (Thanks, Grandma!), there hasn’t been much to trickle down our way. Our current mix of furniture includes a few investment pieces — like our gorgeous red Eames chairs and a great mid century dresser set in our bedroom. I wonder if Isadora will love them like we do when she is an adult? I admit that I have been saving a few fashion pieces — Marc Jacob shoes, a Miu Miu handbag — in hopes she’ll swoon over them like I did before long.

What about you? Have you inherited any family treasures, or are you gathering your own now?

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Mary S

Ummm… no kids. But I do have some really cool nieces and nephews! We have a few knockoffs, but the stuff we’ll pass on include our vintage shell chairs (we’re up to four), a Noguchi table that retails stupidly expensive but we found at a rock-bottom price at a warehouse sale in Chicago last year, and a Calla chair that is pretty hard to find.

Also of course our weird independent art — and the original Jere wall sculpture that we had no idea was sorta collectible until very recently.