fantasy backyard: imagine telling camp stories around a fire bowl!

We’re in love with the idea of having outdoor fires in our backyard, even though we don’t really have the appropriate patio-space that may be required. That doesn’t stop us from dreaming! These new MIX fire bowls from EcoSmart are sure lovely. Highly functional and elegant, MIX Fire Bowls can be easily switched on or off and relocated wherever ambiance, heat and the light of a fire is needed. Graceful bowls made from weather-resistant concrete, these freestanding fires allow you to put a flame where ever and whenever you need it. Fueled with bioethanol, an environmentally friendly, clean burning and renewable energy source fuel, they provide over 8 hours’ usage. With the clean design comes a no-mess factor — no ashes or soot to clean up. But isn’t that part of the fun? The MIX fire bowl is available via, starting around $1000.

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These are really cool! I think I’ve seen other Eco Smart Fire’s products before that were really neat as well. The nice thing about these is how you can move them around if you need to. I wonder how heavy they are?

Very elegant indeed and I can already imagine several uses for those fire bowls (quite powerful name LOL). Thanks for sharing.

Hi Becky,

Thanks for checking out EcoSmart Fire! The MIX Fire Bowls are actually made of a fiber-concrete material, so it has all of the strength of concrete without the added weight. :-) Let us know if you have any other questions!

Kim Rodgers
Marketing Coordinator
EcoSmart Fire

That looks really lovely. We have a traditional fireplace at home. The inconveniences: takes forever to start a fire when you don’t use a starter log, fire runs out when you still need it going, and it is messy to clean up the ashes. During our trips, I have been inside hotels, restaurants or cabins that use gas fireplaces. I silently wish I can have something like it for my house. This fire bowl can be the answer to my dream!