sunbrilla: a beach shelter that leaves umbrellas in the dust

Who ever thought that an umbrella was the best shape to provide shade on the beach? As the sun shifts, there’s always part of your body sticking out, leaving limbs unprotected or blanket companions feeling jilted. Other types of beach tents can be cumbersome and clunky to install — and have you seen the colors they come in? Yuck. It’s enough to make any decor-enthusiast run screaming from the sand. Allow us to introduce you to the Sunbrilla, a colorful fabric roof you can raise whenever it is needed. It is made from 100% cotton and is 95% UV protected (tested by ARPANSA). Available currently in three shades (blue, aqua and yellow) that you can have in strapped to your shoulder by the end of the month. Each comes with two 6ft aluminium poles, one aluminium crossbar, four ropes and four metal pegs and a bag to tote it all in. $180 at Pink Chicken New York.

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What an awesome idea. My wife and I can so relate to moving as the sun progresses across the sky.