real life test kitchen: 3 ingredient chocolate banana popsicles

When the mercury rises above 90, has it has many days in the past couple of weeks, we need to be diligent about our frozen treats. One of us is always dipping into the freezer looking for something tasty to cool us down. If we’re not careful, that could lead to the consumption of waaaaaaaay too much ice-cream. Homemade popsicles have been our salvation. Usually we go the frozen fruit juice route — watermelon or mango mixed in with some lemonade. But when we spotted this simple recipe over at PBS (yes, PBS!) for 3-ingredient chocolate banana pops, we had to give it a try. The results were just sweet enough to satisfy the hungriest sweet tooth in the house, but healthy enough to allow even mom (me!) to indulge. They’re our new frozen staple!

3-Ingredient Frozen Banana Pops

What You Need:
1 cup unsweetened canned coconut milk
2 large super ripe bananas
1/2 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder

How To Make:
1. Using a blender, mix all the ingredients until smooth.
2. Pour the liquid into pop molds. Place in freezer.
3. Wait three hours — that’s the hardest part!
4. Enjoy!

What homemade frozen treats are you enjoying in your house this summer? Tell us here!

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