steal this idea: jewelry display as decoration

I’ve recently started wearing more jewelry. Consider it a product of getting older, but I decided I need a tad more “bling” above the neck. I had my ears re-pierced and have started collecting cute studs and delicate charms on chains to match around the neck. Mind you, my idea of bling is still pretty tame, but I have fallen in love with one or two chunky necklaces recently. (Jcrew, you know me too well.)

The problem is, each night I remove my body decorations and place them in little trinket holders on my overly crowded dresser top. In the morning, I squint in low light to retrieve the matching earring I am seplaceing for, and often I fail at the task. I’m determined to create a new way to display and organize my jewelry. I want something that helps me see all my options.

This bedroom photo from Houzz totally inspires me. Though my collection is not nearly as great as the one on display here, this bungalow’s bedroom has one whole wall dedicated to its owner’s sparkles.

How do you organize your jewelry at home? I need more ideas. Help!

To see more from this house, by Bosworth Hoedemaker architects, visit this Houzz gallery.

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Wow. That’s a beautiful jewelry display! :-) I mostly wear earrings and I keep them in these clear boxes that are meant to hold car parts for radio controlled cars. They’re similar to fishing lure boxes. I think they’re great–makes it easy to find both sides of a pair of earrings. Plus I got them in Japan and they have this nonsensical “Jinglish” phrase on them that makes me smile.


I love the wall of jewelry! The knobs holding the jewelry can become bling too if you use really cool hardware knobs from Look in the Attic & Company. They have glass knobs in a variety of blues that would make an awesome ombre effect holder!

That’s a great idea! Not only does it show off your jewelry but it keeps it from getting tangled, a common problem with my wife’s jewelry. It would be great in a walk in closet/vanity area!